Impact Faith Ministry International
Impact School of Ministry
A 9-month intensive ministry training school designed to train and prep.
Our Mission
To Glorify God Through The Fulfilment of the Great Commission,
All courses are just 2 hours a week!
IFSM courses are designed to further develop the student's ministry calling and spiritual life. Through each course, students will gain a deeper knowledge of the Word of God, develop practical skills, and knowledge to equip them for life and ministry.

IFSM courses include both traditional academic settings as well opportunities to develop in a variety of ministry areas through our Ministry Practicum opportunities.

[ All courses are offered on-site at a Ministry Campus and for our non-local and international students via the internet. The students who take all 14 courses will graduate with a diploma and are eligible for a ministerial license.]
One Student's Testimony.
Examples Of Our Course Outlines
Empowering FAITH
Learning to grow your faith and walking in faith is key to God's blessings in life. This course is designed to grow, and teach you how to activate your faith, empowering your faith to believe God for miraclous.
Divine Healing
This course establishes God's will for healing and health and teaches you how to receive healing and minister healing to others.
Spiritual Gifts/ Ministry Gifts
God has given to all His children. This course will help you to recognize the gifts He has given you, how to develop them, and how to use them further the gospel and His kingdom.
Personal Evangelism
The goal of this course is designed to give you practical tools to make it easy to share your faith & testimony with others. This course will give you the joy of leading others to Christ and helps you to develop the heart for evangelism.
Our Instructors
The teaching staff at IFSM are anointed seasoned Bible ministers. With years of experience in ministry and bible school, they have the ability to teach the body of Christ how to walk by the spirit, to hear God's voice, and to have victory in their personal lives and ministry.
  • Bill Miles
  • Katherine Miles
  • Donna Nall
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