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Thank you for visiting Katie's House page created specifically for concerned individuals invested in helping promote life-affirming values and choices through a partnership with us at Katie's House Pregnancy Center.
The Story Behind Katies House.
Katie's House is a faith-based, non-profit organization, committed to improving the health and life of women, men and children in the community. Their mission is to offer life-affirming support through education and services, with a goal to empower and equip women and men to make healthy life-affirming choices and lifestyles.

Katie's House was founded by Katherine Miles, founder and her husband Bill Miles, co-founder. This special addition to the community was inspired by a powerful testimony and a "yes" to follow the instructions of the Lord. I recently sat down with Katherine to find out more about Katie's House and what embarked her on this amazing journey. I asked her,

"What inspired Katie's House?" and little did I know a miracle was the catalyst to set it in motion. The Lord asked her, "Will you establish a pregnancy center in honor of what I did for your granddaughter?" She answered the call and said, "yes". As I dug in deeper, Katherine began to share her testimony with me: "My daughter-in-law became pregnant in 2017. She went to the doctor and the doctor told her that the baby was not thriving. The baby was not getting oxygen or iron. And the baby was not growing and that she needed to abort the baby. My son and daughter-in-law held that for about a week; they did not know what to do. They did not believe in abortion or that they should have an abortion. I came to visit one particular day; my husband and I were getting ready to go on a mission trip. And she said, 'I need to tell you something'. And she began to tell me what the doctor said. Well, I believe in the power of prayer and that God is a healing God. So, I said, 'We are not going to abort any of our grandbabies'. And we began to pray. I laid my hand on her belly and prayed for her. And I felt the presence of God. And I did not want to say anything to her, I wanted to see how she felt. And after the prayer I asked if she felt anything. And she said, 'I felt heat go into my belly'. We believed God and that He had healed the baby. Later, when my husband and I were headed to the mission field, I was praying for the baby. And as I was praying I heard the Lord say, 'Josiah'. My son's name is Joseph and he has named a couple of his babies after him. So, I assumed that it was going to be a boy and he would be named Josiah. Then I thought, I better not assume, maybe I need to look-up the meaning of the name Josiah. And that name means, Jehovah Healed. I was very excited! I called and told them; I know that God has healed the baby. So, the next time she went back to the doctor, the doctor told her that the baby was getting oxygen and iron and that the baby was growing and doing good. She carried the baby to full-term. No problems with her whatsoever. She was a little girl and they named her Katie". Wow, glory be to God! Not only was Katie's life saved, many more lives and families will be impacted by Katie's story and the work of Katie's House.

Katie's House is for everyone with an emphasis on being a family resource center. The services and educational classes are free!

What can you expect when you go into Katie's House? If you are pregnant and seeking support, you would take a pregnancy test and have the option for an ultra-sound (with a positive test). Next, you would meet with a staff member to discuss your concerns. They will come alongside you and give you options and resources with the purpose to educate, support and empower your choices. Pre-natal classes will also be offered. Katie's House is also a healing center. Offering post-abortion and miscarriage healing. There is a lot of pain and trauma that comes from losing a baby. And many times it can be hard to discuss your feelings and emotions with those you are close to. Katie's House staff members are there to support you and help you through your healing process.

What a blessing for the community! Additional services include educational classes to support families.

We provide resources for local mothers and families.
This Pregnancy and family resource center provides :

Pregnancy tests
The pregnancy test we offer is a nurse or physician administered urine test able to determine pregnancy hormone levels sufficient to indicate pregnancy. The test is 99.8% accurate.
We offer ultrasound scanning to confirm the presence of a viable pregnancy and determine the gestational age or the number of weeks pregnant.
Pregnancy counseling
The education and mentoring program is designed to assist women, and families, by offering life skills through guided educational sessions with a mentor.
Educational classes.

The education and mentoring program is designed to assist women, and families, by offering life skills through guided educational sessions with a mentor.
Childrens Boutique Store
Our boutique is stocked by donations, new and gently used baby Items and supplies. Parents may shop in our boutique with Mommy/Daddy money they earn by participating in classes.
Pre/post-abortion consultation
In the case of pregnancy loss or an adverse pregnancy diagnosis, the PRC provides emotional support and mentoring to help the mother and/or family cope with the news.
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