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Sunday Worship Service 10:00 a.m.


Welcome to Impact Faith Ministry International Church! We are happy that you are planning a visit. IFMI is a congregation consisting of all ages and backgrounds and is a friendly church (expect to be greeted)! The message you’ll hear taught is one of encouragement and love. It’s rooted in Biblical instruction. We do not teach opinion, rather, we teach what the Bible says about you as an individual, not abstract thought that’s hard to apply. Our goal in teaching the Word is that it would be simple enough so you can actually apply what is being taught to your everyday life.

Through the power of the Holy Spirit, we expect our preaching not to be in persuasive words of wisdom, but with demonstration of the Holy Spirit''s power. (1 Corinthians 2:4) We expect the Holy Spirit's presence in our services healing the broken-hearted, the sick, and the bound to freedom and new life by the Gospel of Jesus.

The musical worship style is contemporary, casual, and will last about 25 minutes. You can raise your hands, stand, sit, kneel, pray, etc... Our worship is very open for you to worship Jesus in the way you feel most comfortable.

We will never force you to worship a certain way. This is between you and God, and we will not step in the way of that. Most of our members stand during worship, and sing along with songs they know.

We usually play music that is easy to learn, if you're not already familiar. Much of what we play is what you'll hear on a christian radio station.

Our Prayer

Our prayer for you is that as you walk through the doors of our foyer, be greeted by not just a friendly smile, but by the love of Jesus Christ… That as you enter the doors of our sanctuary you will not only find a comfortable seat, but you will sit in the presence of the Lord… that as you hear our musicians and singers, you will not only join in singing, but you will join in true worship & praise. That as the pastor preaches you will not only hear a message, but you will hear the Living Word anointed by the Holy Spirit…that as you join in prayer you agree not only with the congregation, but you talk to the Father…that as you spend time with us you experience not only a structured service, but a service structured and led by the Holy Spirit. To sum it up, our desire for your visit to IMFI is that when you head back out the door to leave you would know you had a divine appointment with Jesus and it would forever touch you.

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